Welcome to nailingtons.com and thank you for visiting. My name is Sophie and I come from a small village in Kent, south east England.

Since I was… iddy biddy I remember being overjoyed at going to the market and being bought some really awesome, shiny, cheap nail varnish that smelled like it could melt paint from the walls (it probably could!). I used to slap the stuff on so thickly that it would never ever dry, and then be devastated that I’d smudged it all.

My love for it diminished for a long while until last year when I discovered Konad nail stamping kits and now I’m on a mission to learn as much as possible. The more I looked into what could be done, the more I wanted to try, and what you see within this website is the result. Today I have a collection of 300+ varnishes, nail art pens, brushes, 75+ nail plates and many more shiny things like decals, fluff, rhinestones and foils.

In 2012-13 I began including some nail art posts in a personal, gaming related blog and was then sent the Leibster Award for a couple of tutorials I’d written up. After this I decided to create a dedicated Blogger nail art blog in April 2013 and that’s when nailingtons.com was officially born (nailingtons.blogspot.com). Since then I’ve been writing posts about my own nail art, tutorials, reviews and other bits and pieces. I’m not one for writing huge long descriptions of where, what, when and how things are done in my posts but that’s something I hope to improve for the future, though I try my best to include brief factual and useful information.

As of May 2014, I created the Nailingtons YouTube account and published my first YouTube video – “Harry Potter Inspired Daily Prophet Newspaper Nails Tutorial” which today has nearly 90k views. I never dreamed it would reach that many (as it’s such terrible quality!). Since then video production has been few and far between but over the past two years I’ve published 22 videos including tutorials and reviews. I am striving to learn new techniques and improve the quality of the videos and the content of my work. It’s an area I’d like to dedicate a little more time to so hopefully I will have much more to write when I update this section next!

I’ve also been very fortunate and had the pleasure of sponsorship from companies such as Bundle Monster, Model’s Own, Born Pretty, Madam Glam, Soigné and others.

My life can be fairly restricting at the moment so nail art has provided me with an excellent creative outlet to focus on.

When I’m not immersed in nail art I can be found playing some random MMO or PC games, taking photographs, making websites, drinking a lot of tea and searching for warmth.

If you ever have a question about one of the sets then contact me.

Really hope you enjoy the site!

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