Bundle Monster Stamper Review

Bundle Monster Stamper Review

Bundled in (ha, get it?…No?.. Okay..) with my lovely package from Bundle Monster was a couple of stampers, one squishy mega stamper and a smaller double ended stamper. Seeing as I do a huge amount of stamping I decided to try these out and drop in a quick review.

Mega Stamper

Product Link
Price: $9.49ea
Collection quantity: 5
Style: Mega stamper
Overall rating: Huge surfaced squishy awesomeness!
Supplier: Bundle Monster

For those of you that work with XL stamping plates or have longer/wider nails this stamper is perfect. It was a little ‘sticky’ out of the packet but a quick wipe down with some nail polish remover and some squishing into the palm of the hand fixed this. It comes packed with a red end for working with white/lighter polishes and two credit card style scrapers. The stamper picked up the image without any trouble at all and stamped to the nail wonderfully. Please excuse my poor dented nail underneath the stamp.. that’s impatience for you! On a side note, if you think the stamper is a little too big for you, imagine all the DIY decals you could make with this.. it’s perfect!

Macro shot of the mega stamper.


Macro shot of the stamped nail.

Having issues with stamping long nails? Well we have the solution with our XXL Mega Stamper Set! This super large stamper has a 1.5 in diameter to stamp multiple nails at once or can be used on those who love rocking long acrylic extensions! –  BM

Round XL Silicone Nail Stamper

Product Link
Price: $4.99
Collection quantity: 7
Style: Double ended stamper.
Overall rating: Versatile squishy goodness!
Supplier: Bundle Monster

The second stamper I tested out was this lovely, slightly more compact product. Even though it’s smaller it is a great deal bigger than my little trusty pink Konad stamper and it does the job just as well. The packet contains white ends, green ends (that are a little bit less squishy than the white) and two scrapers. The green spares are obviously provided for working with lighter colours. I tested this out on the BM Polynesia BMXL109 stamping plate (same as above) so the testing between the two stampers was consistent. Again, the ends were a little sticky but after a clean they were perfectly fine to work with. It’s a great little stamper and does its job really well. It had no problems picking up the design and transferring it to the nail. Having spare ends is a huge bonus too for extra DIY nail decal making if you do this!





Macro shot of the Round XL Silicone Nail Stamper transfer.

Forget spending all your hard earned money on fancy manicures that only last for two weeks, try our stamper and scraper sets instead! Get salon worthy nails with perfect precision without the price tag! Have beautiful nail art that you can easily change with just a wipe, thanks to this convenient tool set! – BM

Both scrapers from the products worked perfectly and will now save me scratching up my lovely stamping plates with my metal scraper!

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Once again I’d like to thank the lovely people at Bundle monster, especially Tiana, for the shinies!