Christmas Nail Art: Snowflakes & Born Pretty Review

Christmas Nail Art: Snowflakes & Born Pretty Review

Its been a while between painting, I know. It’s one of those times when I just have to have a break because things aren’t going so well. Last year I think I posted a Christmas mani for every single day of advent.. Although I don’t think I can quite manage those feats this year, I’ll certainly be trying to add some new mani’s to both my Instagram and YouTube collections.


Barry M – Lady
Stargazer Chrome
Models Own – Chrome Gold
Stamping polishes by Essence

Stamping Plates

GA58 by Born Pretty
BM-H01/H02 by Bundle Monster


Nail art wheel – Born Pretty #22959
Liquid Latex/Peel Base – Born Pretty #22612


Nailingtons Snowflake Nails

I was also gifted a few lovely items by Born Pretty so I thought it was only fair that I test them out.

Nail Art Wheel


There’s not too much I can say about these but it’s so lovely to have such a variety of little shapes to hand, especially at this time of year. The wheel contains snowflakes, stockings, stars, presents, bells and reindeer. Although I tend to avoid adding 3d items to my nails (as they get caught in my hair and ping off), these were super easy to apply with some Seche Vite, then painted over with another coat. They’re actually not causing a problem so far and have stayed on easily, even though the material is not very flexible. Super shiny and super cute!

Liquid Latex


This is the second peel off base/liquid latex that I’ve tested so I can’t say with honesty that I’ve got a whole lot of testing experience. What I do know is that it’s miles better than my NYC peel off base. That stuff is a nightmare for me. I still seem to have the problem where some tiny bits get caught in the side of the nail and it’s a bit tricky to remove them. That aside, its relatively easy to remove as you can see in the video, and quite fast to dry, about 2-3 minutes.

As the bottle wasn’t marked I stupidly thought that it was white nail polish as.. it’s Christmas.. there’s snow! Adding to this I’d been sent the wheel of Christmas shapes so, I could only assume. Then on painting it on it seemed to smell.. odd! Maybe it was scented nail polish? A little while later it began to peel from the nail and of course, the penny dropped!

Peel off base is a must have at this time of year because, well, glitter! Everyone know’s the pain of glitter removal and avoids it because of such issues. With products like these that makes it a non-issue and they’re a god send.

Thank you to the lovely people at Born Pretty for sending me some bits. As always I’m very grateful and enjoy getting to play with nice products.

If you are looking for some reasonably priced (very inexpensive!) nail art products, go take a look at their website. They offer free shipping internationally and if that’s not good enough, have a 10% off code!

 Born Pretty Store 10% off code: ILIW10

More coming soon!