So far, I’ve found the world of nail art to be full of kind, helpful supportive people who enjoy creating art, sharing their work and teaching others. The community has been a great source of inspiration and motivation, so firstly thank you to everyone who has helped me along my journey so far.

There is such an array of designs and combinations that are used by many of us within the community and lets face it, there are also a set amount of ‘base’ techniques that we all use. I make no claim to being the original creator of such techniques, for example; gradient, saran or galaxy. I may put my own twist on it or adapt the method in my own way. I will do my very best to credit to the person I learned the technique from within the post or YouTube video content. If I have recreated someone’s art (which happens only rarely for challenges etc) they will be credited.  I am strongly against copying designs or techniques from another person and passing it off as my own, it’s just.. not done within the decent nail art community. If I ever neglect a credit, it is very much unintentional (sorry)!

Any promotional material used will be credited to the provider.


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