Ejiubas Silicone Rollable Nail Art Mat Review

Ejiubas Silicone Rollable Nail Art Mat Review

Firstly a huge apology to Ejiubas for taking so long to get this review posted, I am finally catching up with all the review work! In all honesty I have also been dreading making YouTube videos recently but I will save that rant for another post.

This week I’ve had this very, very useful little mat to play with. I’ve covered most of its functionality in the video but I’ll briefly go over it here in the blog post.

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Firstly, the mat comes very neatly packaged in this storage bag. For anyone that’s used the silicone mats before you will know that they can pick up dust very quickly so its important to have a nice place to store them. In the past I’ve just tried to shove them back in the original cardboard packaging but eventually this gets damaged. Having a zip up storage bag is incredibly useful and it’s also very handy for storing a couple of polishes or stamping plates for travelling.




The mat itself measures 12 inches by 15.7 inches (30 x 40.5 cms).


There are many little patches marked out on the mat to help you plan out your nail art, both in black for lighter colour testing, and in clear for darker colour testing. These sections are ideal for colour swatch testing and seeing what arrangement of colours you are going to use. Alternatively you can use them for larger decal creation areas for XL stampers.



The lighter and darker areas also carry on through the mat’s design for creating your own decals. So just paint over them with some clear fast dry polish and get stamping, then when the design is dry its ready to be pulled up using tweezers or your nails. The grid pattern embosses itself onto the design to help you line up your creation with the nail better but it disappears when you paint over the decal with clear polish. There’s also a nice little ruler along the right edge of the mat just in case you need to measure… something!



The mat is ideal for keeping your desk area clean, tidy and will create a non-slip surface. It can be easily cleaned with nail polish remover and usual household detergents to remove and dust and stuff – this will not damage the mat or guides on it.
The stamping plates used in the video were BP-L020 by Born Pretty and BM-XL109 by Bundle Monster.
Personally I’m really happy with the mat. It’s softer and lighter than others I own and the little bag is just so handy.
Thank you again to Ejiubas for sending this along for me to try out!
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