Harry Potter Daily Prophet Nail Art Tutorial - Newspaper Nails

Harry Potter Daily Prophet Nail Art Tutorial – Newspaper Nails

It’s been just over a year since my attempt at creating a YouTube tutorial, so to ‘celebrate’ this I’ve decided to remake/restructure the very first one. The original is so very long and the audio quality is quite poor so I’ve re-recorded the audio and squished it all together to cut what is roughly 15 minutes down to 3. Hopefully this will make it easier to get to the ‘point’ of the tutorial much more quickly. This post will include a link to the new video below and also the reference images mentioned in the video along with the written tutorial.

A massive thank you to everyone who has subbed to the channel and viewed the videos so far, I really appreciate it. I know I don’t produce that many and more recently I’ve been extremely quiet in terms of nail art recently but I’ve got a few things lined up so hopefully I’ll have those done soon.

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Printer transfer examples:
Index finger – Inkjet
Middle – Laser
Ring – Photocopier

Newspaper nails printer comparison.

Images copyright of their respective owners.
Advice to use Listerine from the lovely Mags.

Tutorial write-up:



1 – Materials: Laser/Photocopier prints of the image, small pot, cotton wool pads, Listerine, (optional) false plastic nails.
2 – After painting nails white cut out the image, place it in the pot of Listerine and dip in the nail too. Soak for a few moments.
3 – Take the image out and wrap it firmly around the nail.
4 – Absorb Listerine using cotton wool pad.
5 – Wrap the cotton pad around the nail, place the false plastic nail over the top. Press down firmly. Hold for 20-40 seconds.
6 – Check that the image has transferred.
7 – Gently peel back the paper.
8 – Wash hands and remaining paper from nails with warm water.
9 – Finish with a top coat.

Harry Potter Daily Prophet Nail Art Template

Harry Potter Newspaper Nail Art

Please remember that although I’m showing this nail art method in my tutorial I did not come up with the initial idea of the ‘newspaper nails’ style.. I learned from others as so many of us do in the nail art community.

Until next time..o/