Holographic Nail Polish on a Budget

Holographic Nail Polish on a Budget

Oh my goodness! Holo nail polish! The stuff of dreams.. Almost like having a sparkle pony living on your nails.

Okay, I will start to make sense soon I promise. About a year ago I noticed more and more holographic nail polishes pop up in my feeds. I thought that they were so beautiful, I had to have one. Then each time I was a millimetre away from the ‘buy buy buy’ button I thought ‘erk, £12 for one polish.. maybe I will spend that on something more sensible’.

But today, FINALLY, I have one. Guess how much it set me back? A whopping £3.99 from Boots own brand Seventeen. What a gem of a find. I had no idea they even did this type of polish. Having noticed the bottle saying ‘just in’ I assume that it means just that and they’re expanding into a few more products, which is amazing. I also assumed that when I painted it on it would be a bit sparse, slow drying and not really be anything like the Colour Club or Dance Legend holo polishes. I’m happy to say that I was wrong and only two coats get the look below, which has had no clean-up, I just went ahead and painted straight on then photographed the nails. Removal is nice and easy, even with acetone free polish remover. I’ve not tried to stamp with it yet but I’ll be sure to add an update when I do.

Boots 17 Holo Nail Polish

Boots Seventeen Holo Nail Polish

Super shiny and yummy looking, I love it! If I’m swinging past Boots again I’ll be sure to grab another. Get yours fast just in case they fly off the shelves.

Time for some macro shots:

unnamed (2)

unnamed (3)

Obviously these are under different lighting but I tried to capture the pretty rainbowy’ness.

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