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Something a little different this week!

It’s something that I’m very excited about – guest post! Earlier in the week I asked one of my closest Insta-friends, Louise, to write a guest post for me on her journey with nail art. Louise has a very different style to me (and is vastly more talented!), she often paints free hand with acrylics whereas I am prone to gradients and stamping. Instagram has a sort of ‘unofficial’ nail art community where many of the ‘members’ interact through each other’s posts and IM’s frequently. It’s a hugely supportive and kind community; one where I’ve never yet discovered any negativity or trolling (no trolling.. on the Internet?! Omg!). I met Louise about a year ago now and since then she’s been an incredible, especially when things have been very grey indeed. I truly value our e-friendship (I know, I’m soppy!) .. plus, she sends pictures of bunnies! I am absolutely honoured to have her write a guest post for the Nailingtons – thank you!

Louise’s Journey

I am a complete newbie when it comes to writing for a blog, so I am very honoured and excited to have been asked by Sophie to share my journey into nail art with you all.

For as long as I can remember I have always loved making things and I have always involved my daughters in all things crafty since they were old enough to hold a glue stick. So you can imagine my fascination when I took my daughter to get her prom nails done a couple of summers ago. The nail guy sculpted the most stunning, flawless set of acrylic nails and I thought I can do that. I bought an acrylic set, watched a couple of Youtube videos, volunteered daughter number 2 to be my guinea pig and 8 hours later thought no really I can’t do this!! But it had definitely sparked an interest, so I turned back to Youtube where I came across videos on basic nail art designs. Nothing complicated just dots and stripes, I was going to nail this for sure…………or maybe not. Determination is a great asset and you cannot imagine how proud I was when I finally produced 3 perfectly parallel pink lines which I declared as tiger stripes and took my first nail picture. My daughter suggested that I open an Instagram account just to store my nail pics and it was there that I discovered a whole community of nail art lovers, some qualified nail techs and some self-taught hobbiest just like me.


The following 6 months I learned so much from my new online friends. They helped me through gradients, water marbling, sponging, tape manis and my then thorn in my side nail stamping. Thanks to their support and encouragement they also saved me from buying lots of expensive kit that I didn’t really need. I learned acrylic paint and a small paint brush are far better for detailing and as long as you topcoat it it will last just as long. You can create dots and ‘paint’ with cocktail sticks and bobby pins. Make up sponges and cling film can produce some of the most amazing bases for nail art and you don’t have to buy expensive stamping polish to nail stamp with. Infact my favourite haunts are Ebay and the poundshop when I’m looking for new supplies and since becoming interested in nail art I find inspiration everywhere I look, a favourite blouse, wallpaper, my kids TV programmes even my neighbours car; it’s the most amazing shade of blue.

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So who cares if your lines are a bit wobbly, your clean up isn’t quite perfect or goodness forbid you have dry cuticles. If you’re enjoying it and having fun go for it. Whether you paint your own natural nails or false nails, nail stamp or freehand it doesn’t matter. Get involved with an online community; interact with the other nail artists you’ll find were quite a friendly bunch and you‘ll get so much back in return. Nail art is one hobby that I can see myself doing until my eyesight fails me. I love how relaxed I feel when I’m painting and I love chatting, joking and exchanging tips with the people I have now come to regard as my online family.

If you do have Instagram and aren’t following her yet, you can find her page HERE!

Thank you all for reading and another big thank you to Louise!

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