MO Spring Hypergel & More


It’s been doom and gloom here for a little while now and so the nails this year have not been very adventurous at all. All things will improve once the weather begins to warm up and the sun comes out! This weekend I had a visit from my lovely sister who brought with her some get well goodies in the shape of cookies, magazines and.. nail polish! I really don’t deserve them but it doesn’t stop me from being immensely grateful. She made a detour before arriving the the MO Bottle shop and purchased some of their new spring Hypergel collection and the missing couple from my Colour Chrome collection.. *squee*. Did I say how much I love Colour Chrome.. oh wait.. yes I did, in THIS post!

The swatching was a little messy to start with as I was avoiding clean-up which I think was because I was trying them out and wasn’t really intending to photograph them. However, later pics got the brush treatment. All of these bottles had great drying times, obviously not nearly as fast as the Colour Chrome but still pretty darn quick. The only one that was a little slower and required three coats Tropical Green, but all the others dried quickly (2-3mins per coat) and only needed two coats. The Purple Orchid is slightly more unusual in the fact that it has more of a matte drying effect as opposed to the usual ‘gel-like’ shine. A lady on my Insta (who works for MO) commented that this is normal and not just me getting a random confused bottle.

The above HyperGel colours are as follows:
Midsummer Mauve
Purple Orchid
Bermuda Blue
Tropical Green

More Colour Chrome!


The Colour Chrome Colours are:
Chrome Cerise
Chrome Blue

I just love how these look altogether on the shelf, yummy rainbow bottles!

At the moment I’m testing out a gel base application technique as recommended by Louise, so my nails are super strong and much easier to remove varnish from ..but more on that later in a rather exciting post!