[Off Topic] BDO Light Brown Blonde Mousy Hair Tutorial


This is a little random for what I usually post but it’s something creative and I’m thinking of adding in an off-topic section to the blog to cover slightly more nerd-based posts. Anyway, recently a new game has been released called Black Desert Online and it has the most beautiful graphics and in-depth character creation. For someone that used to love to build things in the Sims it’s always fun to try and create a little person you’re happy.

This post originally came about because I was spending many painful hours trying to come up with one of the most ‘simple’ hair colours and struggling. Firstly I tried a blonde gradient hairstyle I ended up with this character below. Looked fine to me!


But when I logged into the game it was a mess of bright orange/green-blonde and mud. Eek. So much fail! I very quickly logged out again and went to delete the character to re-use the name but was hit by a 24hr delete cycle, whoops.


How can making colours be so hard?! I looked up how other people made the colours, but I couldn’t find a tutorial on anything close to what I was after to back to playing with all the sliders. It seemed I could either have green-brown or reddy brown with green ends. It was frustrating because why should it take so much effort for something so simple? It doesn’t help that the palette colours don’t match how they look on the hair then the slightest variant in lighting change the whole thing. I thought of going with bubblegum pink or something ‘wild’ because that is so easy to create. Speaking of colours, I think my screen must be way off or something because the option I have for skin is actually blue on the palette. Very strange!

After a few disaster attempts I’ve finally got something I’m happy with that doesn’t turn horrific colours in various lighting conditions. I really wanted something neutral without it ending up green or red based. I decided to make this post for anyone that’s having the same struggle that I did and wants something a little different to the black/red/rainbowsplurge (nothing wrong with rainbows!).

Version 1


Click to enlarge.

Although in game things weren’t looking too great. My hair was described by a guildie as ‘magical hair’ as it was pretty much every colour in all the different lighting.


Which leads me on to..

Version 2


In game:

Much happier so this will be the one I stay with for now!

It’s absolutely amazing to have so many options in creation but you have to be able to foresee what you would like your character to look like (I’m terrible with this) to get the best out of it. I’ve seen some amazing attempts at making copies of famous people, which are scarily similar, but still a copy! I’ve been scared to even move certain features because there is no undo button that I can see, just one that resets the entire part and you end up working on suck a detailed scale that when it resets you’ve lost track what’s what and return to the previous save to be safe. For me, this route of creation, although an amazing step forward in customization and graphics, is the most stressful I’ve used so far. However, in time, and with practice and a few more undo buttons, it might be a pleasure. For many though, I can imagine that such a vast array of options will lead to prematurely giving up and sticking closer to the default face/hair templates.


Here’s a few different colours I’ve been playing with, along with the sliders. Hope they might come in handy for someone!


Version 1


Click to enlarge.

Version 2


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Version 3


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Version 4


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Version 5


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On the brighter side



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