Overwatch Nail Art


Can you get drunk from using too much rubbing alcohol? Well if so, I think I have spend this entire week drunk. In preparation for the release of Overwatch I was (for the first time in a while) quite inspired to create a whole bunch of nail art around it. There are 21 heroes in all so that’s a bit of a wild leap in terms of creativity for me but I set my mind to a couple.. Some worked out well, some worked out…not so well. It was also an opportunity for me to use my new tiny area that I have dedicated for filming, this ways I could work out the pro’s and con’s and what needed to be improved. I had lighting falling down (improvement 1!!), batteries running out (I need a camera which runs from a plug) and various little things going wrong which I can learn from in the future. It has helped me cut down the time it takes to edit the videos though, even though I need to put a lot more work into them, its a good ‘start’ if I plan to continue.

Anyways, today I just created something simple that I could put onto both hands easily using a base coat of Snow Me White by Sinful Colours and the print-off’s from my previous posts. In short, I used a laser printer (won’t work well on an ink jet printer) to print of a compilation of images I put together. Soak the paper and the nail in rubbing alcohol then place the image on the nail and hold in place for 20sec or until the image has fully transferred. I top coated with Seche Vite, a fast drying top coat that I’m now really running out of after this week!

So there we go. I didn’t expect to like this game as much as I did when I tested it during Beta, nor did I expect to be so inspired in terms of nail art so it’s been a really nice experience. The servers open up again at midnight tonight so see you in a few weeks when I am over my addiction!

Take care, have a wonderful week!