Pinterest, Analytics & Adsense

Finally, it’s taken me what feels like an age but now Pinterest is now relatively up to date. Today has been a really busy day in blog land. My intention was to get lots of writing done for the book but things took a turn into editing land as one of the ladies from Insta asked me about AdSense and moving over to WordPress. I haven’t had my AdSense set up since I was back on Blogger forever ago.. and of course to have AdSense you have to have all the Google Analytics set up properly. Seemingly I have three tracking codes in there already and I had no idea which was which or even how to delete them. It took a lot of fiddling about, rage filled moments and scowling but eventually I got the correct tracking ID authorised with this site and the right AdSense dashboard ads linked to the Analytics. Seemingly.. IT WORKS! \o/ My stats are all wonky now, but who cares, right? It’s actually kinda fun to see all the data. The ads are rubbish but hey, they’re out of the way enough I think. However, this lead me to sort out many other things like modifying the mobile widget sections that were in the way horribly and additional widget placement. Unfortunately while I was editing the CSS I missed out a slash or bracket somewhere and the whole site, back end and front end, died on its arse and all you could see was white. Luckily I’d downloaded all the files earlier in the day and went through the FTP to replace the missing code. *NOTE TO SELF* copy the text to notepad BEFORE you change ANYTHING. And for gods sake, make a back-up (I still haven’t!). I’ve got a few more bits to tweak (social button art) but I’m quite happy now with the new look, yey!

I’m still a little slow when it comes to actual painting at the moment, for many reasons. I’ll make sure I give something a go tomorrow.. possibly!

Anyway! Anyone not following on Pinterest, here’s the link: