Bundle Monster Mochi Stamper

Review: Bundle Monster Mochi Stamping Station & Poli Peel Cuticle Protector

Welcome to the Nailingtons review of the NEW Mochi Stamping Station & Poli Peel Cuticle Protector from Bundle Monster.


Mochi Stamping Station $12.59
Poli Peel Cuticle Protector $7.64


The stamper itself consists of a plastic base with a removable slab of silicone, measuring 12cm in length and 5cm in width.

Bundle Monster Mochi Stamper

To begin with I have primed the surface of the stamper with the smoothing side of a 4-in-1 file to remove some of the tackiness.

Bundle Monster Mochi Stamper

Bundle Monster Poli Peel Liquid Latex

Bundle monster poli peel liquid latex

I’m also trying out the Bundle Monster Poli Peel Cuticle Protector (liquid latex). Just apply it around the cuticle area and wait for it to dry. When it’s dry you’ll notice theres some really cute little glitter pieces in the formula. Do not work on the nails until it’s completely dry.. you may end up in a pink sticky mess!

Bundle Monster poli peel liquid latex application

For this review I’m using MoYou stamping polish and Bundle Monster Plate BM XL109 (part of the Polynesia collection). Just paint the polish on, scrape, then place the Mochi Stamper over the plate and push down with even force.

Bundle monster Mochi Stamping Station

Bundle Monster Mochi Stamping Station

Lift up and turn over. The stamper picks up the design from the plate very well and the images were perfectly sharp.

Bundle Monster Mochi Stamping Station

Place each nail down one at a time onto the silicone bed to transfer the images to the nail.

Bundle Monster Mochi Stamping Station

This is going to be such a time saver for those of us who enjoy using the larger plates, have longer nails or enjoy creating our own decals. For me, it cuts the time needed to stamp in half.

I was originally worried that the polish would dry too quickly and not transfer over to the nail, so I would end up being able to stamp two nails before I could reapply, but this wasn’t the case at all as you can see from the video. I did encounter a problem using my Essence white stamping polish, it wouldn’t transfer from the plate very well, so if you do encounter this problem, test it with a normal polish or a few different types of stamping polishes to test. It’s clear to me that different stamping polish consistencies work better with certain types of stamper service (sticky/squishy/firm). Failing that, if you do encounter problems with transfer, it may be that the stamping plate surface is too shallow, though I haven’t experienced this problem for quite a while now as the consistency of engraving seems to be getting better and better, even with the cheap eBay slab plates!

Bundle Monster Poli Peel Liquid Latex

Back to the Poli Peel. As you can see in the video, this comes away from the nail super easily. I’ve had a fair few bad experiences with liquid latex type products and I’ve had to spend ages trying to pick tiny bits of sticky mess away from my cuticles. This product is in all honesty, the best I have used yet. Even stretching the peel quite far, it didnt’s break or get stuck. This, again, is a product that’s going to save me a lot of time.

Bundle Monster Poli Peel & Mochi Stamping Station Nail Art

Thank you so much to Bundle Monster for kindly providing the products for this review!

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