The Manicure Company UV Gel Polish Review


This week I’ve been testing out a few UV Gel nail polishes kindly sent to me by The Manicure Company. I’ve had a play and have been wearing one of the colours now for just over a week and a half so it’s time to show you some pictures and share my own thoughts. As with everything I test out, my views are as honest as they can be!



The Manicure Company professional gel nail polish collection. Specially formulated to be richly pigmented but the ideal consistency for perfect application, it applies just like regular nail polish. Our stunning range of colours will each last 14+ days without chipping, peeling or scratching, nor will your manicure loose its incredible high gloss shine.

Each Manicure Company Gel Nail Polish Shade includes a true life swatch of the shade on the cap of each bottle. Making storing and finding your gel nail polish shade easy peasey!

The Manicure Company is a 100% Irish owned professional nail product manufacturer. Established in 2016 with the goal to bring high end nail products to market at fair prices.



UV LED Gel Polish Base Coat – €9.95
No Wipe Express UV LED Gel Top Coat – €9.95
UV LED Gel Polish Colour – €9.95
Cuticle Butter – Intense Hydration 12g – €9.95

So, here in the UK it would cost about £8-9 for most products in the store. The bonus here is that they offer free shipping on all orders.



These polishes are possibly the smartest boxes I’ve received. They look very smart and well presented with a little window to see the polish, a nice silver logo along with clear labelling of the product and a sticker to show you what colour the polish is or an indicator sticker for base and top coats. Instructions for each product are clearly labelled on the back of each packet.


The cuticle butter also looks very smart in a minimalist way, however my only gripe here is that the silver foil that seals the lotion in keeping it fresh, was a nightmare to break through and I ended up needing to get scissors and splatting it everywhere. This is why the edges look so jagged in the photograph (Edit: I’ve had feedback from the company that a pull tab will be added with batches in the future)! Once opened though, oh my goodness the smell is so yummy! I believe it’s cocoa butter but I’m not 100% sure. The butter it’self is very hydrating however do not use much at all, it takes quite a while to absorb and if you use to much then you’ll end up feeling that greasy after effect for a while so..tiny smidgens!

The bottles of the polishes are very smart, again! I can’t say this enough, I really like the work that’s gone into the presentation of these products. They look so classy! My usual problem with gel polishes is that they are in black bottles with very little to indicate what colour they are. With these products its not only on the outer box packaging but also on the underneath of the bottle and a clear colour swatch encased in plastic on the top of the lid.




The brushes were all great, not a hair out of place so no complaints here!




The consistency of the polish was slightly disappointing as I needed three coats of the polish to get good coverage for each polish, and its very important with gel application to have thin layers of polish or the chance of peeling away will increase. Ideally layers need to be kept to a minimum but just over a week I’m pleased to say that there hasn’t been any peeling to speak of yet! The colours were also very vibrant for the orange and turquoise, and the nude shade was beautifully subtle, in fact it’s my favourite one from their nude range.



Cashmere’ UV LED Gel Polish

Cashmere is a mid tone brown gel nail polish shade. Perfectly versatile it’s the favorite of office goers. It has an opaque finish.


‘Highlight’ UV LED Gel Nail Polish

Highlight is a classic bright orange gel polish. Juicy and fresh it’s the perfect orange for hands or toes. It has an opaque finish.


‘Tropical Popical’ UV LED Gel Nail Polish

Tropical Popical is a fun tropical green gel polish colour. It’s got a hint of turquoise blue but we’d say its more green. You’ll have to decide for yourself. It has an opaque finish.


  • Cures under both UV and LED light
  • For best results use with The Manicure Company gel top and base coats
  • 14+ days of perfect wear
  • Bottle volume: 8ml (0.27 fl oz)

In Short

  • Beautifully packaged
  • Coats required: 3
  • Curing time: 30 sec (LED lamp)
  • Price: £8-9
  • Free delivery
  • Great durability
  • Shiny!

And wait.. did I forget to mention the “No Wipe Express UV LED Gel Top Coat

Never before has applying your gel polish been so easy. Our No Wipe Express Gel Top Coat has an incredible, almost glass like glossy finish. Just apply, cure and you’re done! Mirror like shine, no wiping required!

Well.. I wiped, just to be safe.. and also because I didn’t realise that it was no wipe because I’m a moron and didn’t read the very clear label on the packaging! This is very awesome though, saves on a lot of lint free wipes and hassle at the end of the manicure.

Until next time, thank you for reading!! Once again thank you to the Manicure Company for sending me these products (genuinely lovely people to have worked with)!