Gel Nail Polish Tutorial

You will need:


UV Curing lamp – Gel nail polish – Prep+Wipe – Lint free pads – Gel Base & Top coat – Rosewood stick.
Optional: Pure acetone – Nail Buffer – Angled nail art brush.

Prep+Wipe, Remover, Base coat and Top Coat set: eBay – £20.99

UV Lamp: Bundle Monster – $38.50 (£23.00)

Gel Nail Polish – Bundle Monster – $27.99 (£17.00) for 6 or $5.50 (£3.40) each.


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1. File nails into your desired shape – make sure no jagged bits of nail are left at the tips.

Push back cuticle using a rosewood stick or similar and try to scrub off any skin on the nails. The nail needs to be as skin-free as possible and you don’t want to end up baking the gel varnish to your skin!

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If you have a nail buffing tool you can use that to remove excess skin from the nail and create a better surface for the polish to adhere to.

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Soak a lint free pad in the ‘Prep+Wipe’ and clean the nail thoroughly. Allow to dry fully.



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2. Apply a thin layer of gel base coat to nail and tip. Be careful not to get polish on your skin.

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Place under the LED UV lamp for 90s (or time advised by product instructions). I’m still playing with timings, I have read some people cure the base for 30s but I cure for longer just to be safe while I learn.

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3. Paint a thin layer of the colour gel polish over the nail and tip, avoiding any skin.

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I’ve used a nail art brush and pure acetone to carefully neaten up the edges (before curing – after is too late!). Be very careful and don’t bleed any acetone into the varnish.

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Cure the layer in the LED UV lamp for 60s. Repeat step 3 for layer 2 and if necessary layer 3.

Don’t be alarmed that the nail remains tacky, that’s normal.

For this set I used 2 layers of polish but some may require 1-3 depending on colour.

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4. Apply the gel top coat to nail and tip. Cure for 90s (or time advised by product instructions).

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5. Soak another lint free pad in the ‘Prep+Wipe’ and wipe over the nail to clean off the gel residue. Once that’s dry you should be left with super shiny, hard and durable nails.

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I’m really hacked off with the lighting and the audio on the video, I’m really sad.. sorry about that! :( I’ll have to do some reading before the next video!

The End!

Swatches and more to come soon!


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