Purple Heart Gradient & Stamping Tutorial

Stuff Used:

Base: OPI Nail Envy

Layer 1: Snow Me White by Sinful Colors

Gradient Colours:

Snow Me White by Sinful Colors
Lilac Sheen by Models Own
Baby Bellini by Rimmel
Night Flight by Rimmel

Glitter: Jack Frost by Models Own

Top Coat: Fast Dry Top Coat by Seche Vite

Stamping Plate Varnish: Snow Me White by Sinful Colors

Stamping Plate: M83 by Konad

Gradient Guide:

1. Paint one layer of base, followed by one layer of white.

2. Paint stripes of your chosen colour on to the sponge, ideally lightest at the cuticle (dark colours can bleed).

Some foundation sponges work very well, others are hopeless. It really is a case of testing them out. So far I’ve had success with Allura sponge selection pack from Poundland and ‘Soft Cosmetic Sponge Wedges’ from Boots.

Fullscreen capture 19092014 170936

3. Dab the sponge directly down onto the nail *gently* dab-dab-dab-dab.

Fullscreen capture 19092014 171153

Don’t worry how messy you get, it all gets cleaned up in the end! Sticking scotch tape around the nail minimizes mess.

If the sponge is pulling off the layer below:

Either.. One of the varnishes has a high acetone content and its melting the other layers, switch the varnish if possible.
Or.. The layer below is not dry enough for a second layer, wait longer and reapply.

Don’t panic and wipe the whole nail off if it does start to melt the layer below. Just wait for it to dry and carry on with more layers, eventually it will cover. Generally I will repeat the process and apply the gradient 4 times to each nail.

Fullscreen capture 19092014 171410

Once you’re happy with the colour, let everything dry.

Take your *base coat* or clear varnish and paint a layer from cuticle to tip, quite slowly so that it gently smudges the varnish layers up, improving the transition of the gradient.

Let it dry. When I’m waiting for a nail set to dry I tend to see that as *’primary clean-up time’*. So, take a cotton wool bud with high-strength acetone remover or pure acetone and sweep round the edges. For even sharper cleaning, a small, flat square or angled nail art brush (99p set on eBay) can be used to clean around the cuticle area.

Optional: You can apply some glitter to the nail with the foundation sponge.  Paint it directly to the sponge, then dab it onto the nails.

Fullscreen capture 19092014 171637



1. I cover my desk with a square of cardboard to protect the surface. Then pleace a pad of cotton wool soaked in nail varnish remover directly next to the plate and tools so that as soon as you scrape, you can clean of the excess and grab the stamper.

Fullscreen capture 19092014 171858

2. You can put a line of varnish along the bottom of the stamp design on the plate, but I fully cover the design with the nail varnish I’m using for the stamp.

3. I take the scraper, place it evenly along the base of the design and scrape away with even pressure towards the cotton wool then I grab the stamper and press directly down on the plate in the centre of the design with even pressure.

Fullscreen capture 19092014 172004

Fullscreen capture 19092014 172058

Fullscreen capture 19092014 172227

6. Following this I line up the top edge of the stamp with the top of my nail and carefully use a rolling motion down the nail to the cuticle or across the nail from side to side.

Fullscreen capture 19092014 172445

(Sorry it’s super blurry!)

Clean-up with pure acetone and a nail art brush.

Fullscreen capture 19092014 172640

7. Allowing the pattern to dry for a moment, I then finish with a top coat, being careful not to ‘drag’ the brush up the nail, it could smudge the stamping pattern.

Full stamping guide can be found here!


Music: Audiomachine – Existence

Thanks for reading.. or watching! :)

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