Star Trek Nails Tutorial


I’ve been wanting to do these nails for aaaages so I filmed it as I went along and this is the result! I know its really rushed and not all that polished but it’s just a zoomy mini tutorial! For a full explanation of this technique I’ve got the Harry Potter newspaper nails which goes into things in more detail!


1 – Materials: Laser/Photocopier prints of the image, small pot, cotton wool pads, Listerine, (optional) false plastic nails.
2 – After painting nails white cut out the image, place it in the pot of Listerine and dip in the nail too. Soak for a few moments.
3 – Take the image out and wrap it firmly around the nail.
4 – Absorb Listerine using cotton wool pad.
5 – Wrap the cotton pad around the nail, place the false plastic nail over the top. Press down firmly. Hold for 20-40 seconds.
6 – Check that the image has transferred.
7 – Gently peel back the paper.
8 – Wash hands and remaining paper from nails with warm water.
9 – Finish with a top coat.

Music credit: Two Steps from Hell

Please remember that although I’m showing this nail art method in my tutorial I did not come up with the initial idea of the ‘newspaper nails’ style.. I learned from others as so many of us do in the nail art community.



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