Water Decal Tutorial

Fullscreen capture 18082014 164118-001Your decals should come nicely protected in their outer case, then cardboard sleeve followed by a plastic protective film over the actual decals.

Fullscreen capture 18082014 164215

Fill a small bowel with warm water. Remove the plastic film and cut out the desired images. Try to keep them a little distance from the bowl so that they don’t get wet prematurely.

Fullscreen capture 18082014 164323

 Place the decal in the warm water for 10-20 seconds.

Fullscreen capture 18082014 164502

Carefully slide the decal away from the paper. If the image doesn’t slip off easily put it back in the water.

Fullscreen capture 18082014 164605

Position the decal on the nail. The side that was once on the paper needs to be the side that’s affixed to the nail. If cold water is used the decal will still come away from the paper but it will tend to be harder to position and slip around on the nail for a while. Warm water seems to ‘melt’ the mild adhesive, which makes things a lot easier!

Fullscreen capture 18082014 164643

Dab off excess water using some kitchen roll. I say kitchen roll mainly because there aren’t really loose fibres so there’s less risk of getting bits stuck on the nail before the top coat.

Fullscreen capture 18082014 164735

Apply to the remaining nails. Not only are these super pretty but they are so easy to apply. I’m really impressed and I can’t wait to use them again!

Fullscreen capture 18082014 164857

If you position the decal near the top of the nail there may be a thin plastic rim which can just be carefully filed off.

Fullscreen capture 18082014 164944

Protect the decals with a thick top coat. I’ve used Seche Vite. Sadly I didn’t wait long enough for the top coat to dry because I was fiddling with filming stuff so there was a little bit of damage to the decals :(.


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